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Many people while thinking of Brazil imagine a kaleidoscopic variety of carnivals, beaches and possibly football games! However, they can not imagine to what an extent this country is developed industrially and how beautiful and rich its nature is. To give you an example, the Brazilian Embraer is the fourth largest manufacturer of planes in the world. Besides, and what is more important for us at the moment, that one of the leading paraplane manufacturers is also Brazilian company «Sol Paragliders», and various paraplane competitions take place in Brazil. Paraplane sport is very popular in Brazil. Here they have everything necessary for professional paraplane fliers as well as schools for the beginners. And here we are too at your convenience, always ready to help with your enquiries in the best possible way. Just picture yourself the sea, magnificent nature, clean air and you are flying the paraplane...This is a breath-taking experience which really is worth trying as words fail to describe it! And let us also state, that even if you prefer to stay on a firm ground, the beauty of Brazil, its beaches, hotels, hospitable people and exotic food will not let you get bored for a single moment. And in case you want to try other sorts of active rest, such as kiting or windsurfing, then we are at your service too.   

To place an order or to make an enquiry, please write to us and we will select an optimal variant for you. 

 Reference: In case an outsider’s opinion of Brazil may interest you, we recommend reading the following article, which is all about flying for free distance.

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