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Today Brazil becomes an increasingly attractive place for Russian speaking holiday-makers. Our company works in this region, which gives us advantage over other tourist agencies that work with different regions.


We are prepared to offer tours in different price ranges. During our work we prepared several tours meant for various tastes of our customers. These are general tours, escort, sport tours and individual programs. Just say what you want and we will try to select an ideal solution for you.

Brazil like any other country has its own sights. Brazil is a large, sunny country with beautiful nature, rich traditions, carnivals and perfect environment for active rest. Brazil can be divided into five large regions, each offering something interesting to watch. They are South, South-East, North-East, North and Central West.


Several good guides work for us in different regions and we can also offer escort service and all that you might need  (*please refer to relevant sections of the site). Of course, Rio de Janeiro remains the focus of tourist attraction. There are so many interesting things for tourists there, such as the museum of Indians and other museums, visits to Corcovado hill or Sugar Head mountain, trips to Petropolis, botanical gardens, waterfalls, sea trips to tropical islands, helicopter excursions and many more. We are glad to offer you one of our programs or arrange an individual excursion for you. Moreover, we are happy to offer you various tourist programs in other regions of Brazil.

Here you can put a question to guide, arrange an individual trip or order a tour.


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